October 2023

Well, we would have offered Sir Paul McCartney a home loan review when he popped by the office.. however we were too beside ourselves and lost all senses for those moments there… The real reason Sir Paul came to visit was the amazing mural organised by Venues NSW and brought to life by the local, and extremely talented artist Mitch Revs.

How did this come about???

Like a true pub story it was at a business networking meeting when a mate of a mate of an associate (Shout our Pip from Premier Team Building) said he knew someone looking for a wall in a prominent spot for an advertising opportunity… Yep.. I know the perfect spot, he expressed.

Nectar Home Loans Hunter situated on the corner of the busiest intersection in Newcastle, with the Newcastle interchange just over the road.

A phone call to Ben Eick at Nectar Home Loans Hunter to connect him with the team at Venues NSW and all authorising parties started the brainstorming.

It all felt like a far fetched dream that this mural would go up on our building, and the possibility of Sir Paul McCartney driving past or seeing a photo of it was an excitement in itself.

With the blank canvas on our office wall we e took the initiative to get the community engaged with what was unfolding. We held a competition as well did progress videos each day and even got the team involved in some sing-a-longs.. With the media speculating and community piecing together the clues it was clear after 8 full days of Mitch Revs painting what the mural was about.

It was on the 24th of November 2023, Ben received a text message. “He’ll be there in 10minutes” – it was at that time half the office started having heart palpitations, while the other half thought we were pulling their leg. It felt like only two minutes before two black cars pulled up.. We were fangirling hard.. or was that just me? I got some amazing footage of him meeting the artist Mitch Revs, and meeting the team *Pinch us, did that really happen???* 

Karen Cuthbertson takes an Epic selfie with Sir Paul McCartneyKaren Cuthbertson with Sir Paul McCartney

Riding that high, our Nectar team also had tickets to his Got Back Tour at McDonald Jones Stadium where we rocked out to finish off what was one of the most memorable days for all of us.

The Nectar Home Loans team ready to head into the Paul McCartney 'Got Back' tour at McDonald Jones StadiumThe Nectar Home Loans Hunter team ready to go to Paul McCartney Concert