Recently, many of my clients have asked me about accessing their equity and how they can use it. It’s a great question, so I’d like to show you how to achieve financial growth with equity.

First off, you need to know how much you’re working with. Put simply, equity is the difference between your property value and your remaining mortgage balance. Use our handy calculator to see how much equity you could put towards your next financial goal*.

You can access your equity through an equity loan or a second mortgage.

This equity could be used:

• To renovate a property and add to its value.
• To refinance a loan to a lower interest rate.
• As a loan deposit to buy an investment property.
• To release a guarantor, consolidate debts and more.

Before you plan your next financial goal, you may want to consider how to build your equity.

Here are some ways you can do it.

• Paying off your home loan and decreasing your LVR.
• Adding value to your property via renovations.
• Letting the property market do its thing (when property values increase – so does your equity!).

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With equity, the right valuation can make all the difference. I can help organise one for you – get in touch today.