With mortgage repayments rising, many homeowners are feeling the pinch in their finances.

For borrowers on a variable or split home loan, I offer a quick and easy service called a ‘repricing enquiry’ that could help put more money back in your pocket.

What is repricing?

Repricing is when you or a mortgage broker (me!) negotiate with your current lender to try and get a lower interest rate on your home loan. It’s like refinancing, but much simpler. Instead of changing lenders and loan products, you are only changing your interest rate.

It’s fast, there’s no paperwork for you and there’s no cost from the lender.

To enquire, all you need to do is:

Check your online mortgage account.
Note down your loan account number, the remaining amount and interest rate.
Let me know these numbers by replying or by clicking the button below.

That’s it! Simple, right?

I’ll handle the negotiations with your lender and do my best to get you a lower rate*

Find out more about repricing and how it works here > 

What about fixed rates?

Don’t think I forgot about you.

Over 70% of fixed rates settled in 2021 will expire this year and experts predict that the cash rate could get up to 3.85% in the first half of 2023**. Here are some articles that our clients found very useful when their fixed rates were expiring.