It‘s time to get out of holiday hibernation and crack into your financial goals for 2023.

Let‘s start with fixed-rate loans

RBA deputy governor Michele Bullock has warned that borrowers with fixed-rate loans expiring in 2023 would, “experience a median increase of around $650 (or 45%) in their monthly repayments*.”

If you fall into that category, it‘s time to start preparing and considering different strategies to lessen the financial impact. Find out how you can avoid rate shock here.

Your financial goals for 2023

The twin levers of inflation and rising interest rates are scaring some Australians away from the market. However, you shouldn‘t let that make you financially inactive. There are still opportunities to grow your wealth, some of which may be more achievable than you realise.

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Welcome again to the new year. Also don‘t forget, if you‘re on a fixed rate that is expiring this year, the sooner you speak with me the better.

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