When is the right time to fix?

It is possible that rates could still decrease, but predicting the ‘bottom of the market’ requires a crystal ball. With rates still at historic low levels, many of our customers have chosen to lock in great interest rates now rather than gamble on if the interest rates will drop even more, leaving your interest rates open to potential increases.

Whether this option is right for you will depend on your current circumstances. For example, if refinancing an existing fixed rate loan, you could face break fees. I’ll always explain the pros and the cons of any change to your loan so that you can make an informed financial decision.

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If you’re wanting the flexibility of a variable rate to pay down the loan faster, we can discuss getting you the best of both worlds if we split your home loan. This is where we can fix part of the loan and keep a portion variable.

Remember, with these loans still at historic lows, refinancing to a cheaper rate is a great way to free up your budget and could provide opportunities to consolidate debt or create a rainy day fund.

Not only could you be saving plenty of money by lowering your repayments, there are so many lenders offering extra bonus cashbacks for switching to them. Keep in mind terms & conditions apply for this eg, Loan amount, previous lender, opening an everyday account with the new lender etc.

17th March 2021