Here’s my #1 goal for the end of 2022

I want to help all my clients tick off their ‘financial wish lists’ before Christmas, and enjoy a more satisfying, relaxing holiday season.

But that means if you’re looking to buy property or refinance a current loan, we need to talk soon!

Why the rush? Let me explain

We all know banks love holidays, and they’re not the only ones who shut shop over Christmas. So do solicitors, builders, movers, and others involved in the home purchasing process. To have the best chance of refinancing, purchasing a new home or an investment property this year, we need applications submitted by early November.

So, talk to me today to set yourself up for a sweeter summer. Then you can focus on the important stuff – like sleeping on the beach or filling up on Christmas pudding!

Want summer savings?

Because of inflation and rising cash rates, Christmas might be a bit on the expensive side this year. BUT there are steps you can take to mitigate that.

Consolidating your debts
This is when you combine multiple debts, like a car loan and credit card, into one with a singular repayment with a lower interest rate.

For those coming off fixed rates soon, the difference in repayments could be significant. We can try to reduce that by:

Negotiating with your current lender
I can speak to your lender on your behalf and try to negotiate something lower than their standard revert rate.

Refinancing with a different lender
This option could help you switch to a home loan product with a lower interest rate and more appropriate features than your bank is willing to offer. In some cases, you’ll even get cashback as an early Christmas prezzy!

You can use the money you save on things you enjoy, like Christmas gifts, going on holiday, a fancy Christmas meal or just put it aside for a rainy day.

For improved financial comfort this summer, or to advance any of your plans, just reply to this email to schedule a chat.

I look forward to hearing from you.