With rental vacancy rates decreasing over most cities between June 2020 and June 2021 (SQM research), now is a good time to purchase an investment property or become a landlord.

Aside from the prospect of long-term capital gains, purchasing an investment property can also be a great way to reduce taxable income, through a process known as negative gearing.

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The busy listing season is just around the corner, so you could face still competition for properties from other investors and owner occupiers. (I can hear some of you shrieking “More competition!?”)

This means having a fully assessed pre-approval is critical. A pre-approval is generally calid for three months, and allows you to submit offers an dbid confidently with the backing of a lender. If you’d like help getting pre-approved, please get in touch

What does a good investment property look like?

If you’d like help selecting the right property, we partner with property investment experts who have local market insights and specialise win identifying properties with high potential returns. Let me kow if you’d like to speak to someone and I can put you in touch with them.

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You can prepare for a future investment by focusing on the equity held in your current property. One strategy would be refinancing your current loan to a lower rate, allowing you to pay it off faster and thereby increasing your equity. With enough equity, you may even be able to secure an investment deposit without using any cash savings at all! To estimate the equity in your property, check out our handy equity calculator.

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