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We are really excited to help you achieve your financial goals. Below we have listed our process. Watch them all, or check in as you go to see what part of the process you are up to, and what to expect.

Welcome to Nectar Home Loans Hunter

With the title of National Business of the Year for 2020, we pride ourselves in our systems and processes. Using us allows you access to OVER 30+ lenders, so rest assured we will find the best deal for you and your circumstances.


The First Tasks to Complete

Codie Sanders introduces herself and discusses the first tasks. The initial Fact Find doesn’t take long, however often it is the collecting documents can be the longest part of the process. We will help you through thi process to make it as easy as possible for you so that you can get the ball rolling..


Your Assessment and Lender Choices

Once you have collated and sent in your documents required we can accurately do your servicing and provide you with suitable lender choices. We will be touching base to discuss the all the particulars of the loan choices, and the final decision is up to you.



Application Lodged!

Ok, so now you’re application has been lodged with your preferred lender. Now what? Well it is a bit of a waiting game to start with depending on your lenders current timeframes, however because we have already collated all the documents required we are just awaiting their final decision. There are occasions where they may require additional information or further clarification to the application. This is completely normal, if this happens don’t stress.


What’s the Difference between Conditional Approval and Formal Approval?

There’s not much difference, but it is all the difference. if you are conditionally approved, the bank has said that you can service the loan amount, however usually it is pending the valuation of your intended purchase. If the lender believes that the property is not worth what you are paying for it they may not cover the entire loan amount sought, or it could be due to the property being in a flood or bushfire prone area. Things like this can affect the valuation report. This is why it is importantn to ensure you have Full Formal Approval before your intended purchase goes into an unconditional contact.


You’ve got Formal Approval

Pop the champagne. Well, before you do that we’ll have a brief discussion to make sure all the details are correct, and what you’re next steps are, what to expect and what you’ll need to organise, i.e copy of insurance on your property. We’ll also arrange to send a copy of your formal approval to your solicitor or conveyancer to keep them in th eloop and any other third party you ask us to send to. Your lender will send out loan documents and we will arrange you to sign them – depending on your lender this could mean they are posted or emailed to you.


Signing Your Documents

There’s multiple ways for you to sign your loan documents these days. We can chat to you to discuss what the easiest way is for you to execute your loan documents. We can print and have them in the office to go over with you, there are also additional options for you to print out and sign and send direct to your lender, or even electronically sign.


Settlement Day is Here

From our side of things there is nothing we need to do. There are a few things you need to tick off, example if you are purchasing to remember to arrange a final inspection the day before, or morning of settlement to make sure everything is how it should be, how you have agreed and as per the contract you signed. Also, if you have any further funds to contribute to the purchase you need to arrange this with your conveyancer.

Settlement day is where both parties your solicitor or conveyancer and the vendors solicitor/conveyancer and the ingoing and outgoing banks exchange the deeds and monies and make sure that all disbursements are correctly calculated and made such as land and water rates. If you’re moving in after Settlement is complete is when you can pick up the keys. We’ll call to let you know once Settlement is complete.


Our Service Doesn’t End Here

After settlement we like to call a couple of weeks later once things aren’t as hectic especially if you are moving. We like to check in to double check that you are 100% across what your repayments are and when they will be coming out. We’ll also make sure to answer any questions you may have had pop up since settlement. Of course, most of all, we’ll check to make sure you are happy with everything.

You’re Our Customer for Life

As the heading suggests, you are our customer for life. As our continued service to you we’ll continue to check in with you through out the lifetime of your loan. We will continue to offer you a FREE home loan review to ensure that your loan is still suitable for you should there be new products or opportunities out there with new or current lender, and we can change your loan with your current lender free of charge. We like to call this keeping your bank honest.

Don’t forget we offer vehicle and equipment finance, personal loans, commercial loans and we are here to help you achieve your financial goals.


Thank you for your business. We know you will be stoked with our services, just a reminder that the biggest compliment we can receive fromĀ  is a referral to help your friend, colleague or family member achieve their financial goals too.