Look at you go, you Lowies Legend!

Pop in your referral in the form and thank you for supporting Nectar Home Loans major sponsor of Lowlands Bowling Club !

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Terms & Conditions

Q. When do we get the money honey?
A. Your referral fees will be paid upon settlement of your referrals loan

Q. Can I refer myself?
A. You betcha bottom dollar you can, you legend!

Q. Is it just for new home buyers?
A. Hell to the no, this is for all legends big and small. Whether they’re a first home buyer, Investor, Looking to downsize/upsize, relocate or just wanting the best darn interest rate in town – Refer them over and we can make you a legend in their eyes as well as at Lowlands Bowling Club

Q. If I refer multiple people can I get multiple referral payments?
A. Yup, that’s the point! You recommend us cause we provide legendary service and we’ll share the love for each genuine referral

Q. What’s this genuine referral talk?
A. Well send over anyone that needs to chat or help, we’ll help everyone we can, buuuut a genuine referral is someone that proceeds with us as a customer/settled loan.

Q. I hate computers, I’m not even sure how I’ve made it this far can I refer some other way?
A. Yep, just give us a buzz on the phone, 0240400910 and we’ll sort it from there. Send a homing pigeon for all we care, We’ll accommodate to look after a legend like you!


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